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In this new regime, unlike others, you can’t do any business with the biggest spender of our taxes, the government and its agencies, without a PIN. (I suspect soon the government will abolish ID numbers and use your PIN to locate every single thing about an individual.In fact for you to open and a bank account, for you to buy assets in your company’s name, for you to transact with any organization in . Instead of ID numbers, your PIN will serve as the ID number), (those are just my thoughts). KRA went the tech way to get you plugged in to the system.As to how it is used, it is the prerogative of the government of the day as well as the citizens to keep the government in check to see how the paid taxes are being used to better the welfare of the citizens.I posted a On company registration, after you have received that blue/white document from the State Law Office saying that you are a legal entity recognized by the Government of Kenya, you have to go to the next step, which is getting a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the company.Occasionally, you will find scenarios, where the Tax man needs to refund you some money.Problem with KRA is, once that is the case, it can take up to 2 years even more before they That aside, once you have filled your returns, whether nil or you have a liability (This is where you owe KRA money) or a Tax refund is required, you comply with the law of the land.This is not a joke, especially, now that the government is tightening its laws on taxes and widening its tax base. They will request for all, and I mean all, documents to support your claim of existence.And by all I mean, from receipts, to P&L Accounts, to Audited accounts, to bank statements.

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They have really assisted me in getting my books in order and ensuring that I use the Uhasibu system to run my small company.

Again, previously, the Tax man used to assume that all Kenyans are upright and outstanding citizens who will pay their VAT after balancing their accounts (There is a way that you need to do, briefly explained as, (1) there is what you are charged by your suppliers and then (2) there is what you charge your customers, (3) the difference is what you remit to the KRA, hence the term 'doing your returns').

Anyways, not many Kenyans including the ones in authority, seemed to fit that tag.

of every month to file returns of the previous month.

Now, KRA will check up on its database and see how many organisations have submitted 6% with your company name in there and compare it with the returns you have submitted.

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