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Advocates should be careful in such situations to document and dispute (ie.

For that reason that topic is dealt with in Ch.11, s.(2)(g): "Director Decisions: Cancellation, Suspension and Reduction Decisions: Re-Applications and Re-instatements".

ODSP also has legal authority to require the members of the benefit unit to sign consent forms in the manner required by the third parties, and to have consent forms updated [Reg s.15].

Use of these Consents is fraught with a great deal of abuse - in which ODSP practice is quite complicit.

tenant / small claims / welfare (ontario works) / odsp / human rights / employment / consumer / collection agencies / criminal injuries compensation / sppa (admin law) / line fences / animal cruelty / dogs & cats / wild animal law (all Canada) / war / Application Procedure (a) Overview (b) Direct Applications . Anyone seeking to establish PWD status will at some point in the process receive a set of medical forms (the "Health Status and Activities of Daily Living Reports") from the "Disability Adjudication Unit" (DAU) to take to their doctor/s for completion.

The role of such trustees and "fiduciaries" is discussed below in s.3(f) "ODSP Trustees".

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