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The spices in the heart accentuate the beauty of exuberant flowers: jasmine, narcissus, rose and ylang-ylang.Warm oriental base includes amber, resins, civet and precious woods – sandal and patchouli.I started wearing this vixen when I was very young and still to this day Tabu is one of my top five and that's after having sampled hundreds of different perfumes.I've had several different formulas and all are good, old, new, edp, edt, cologne, all wonderful.❤ This is my first time trying this fragrance and I love it! I was home sick from work and I wore this to bed, applying it several time during the day.This is the thick, heavy, warm, wrap-me-in-powdery-goodness scent that I love to wear. My son complained that it was too strong of a scent. Yet I am in love and will keep using this with a bit more care for the delicate noses around me. The modern version is the only one I’ve been able to try, but it is in my top 3 favorites and the violin-shaped bottle looks exquisite on my counter.

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If one cannot tolerate the scent one should as least respect the history.Granted what is sold today is a shadow of it's former glory.But still nuff respect for this grand Dame, at least from me. I went to the fragrance shops this weekend to test Tabu to see if this is really unisex...i am experiencing the last legs of the dry down now and can smell a soft comforting resinous fragrant, but that does not save the whole experience for me and just because something is old or has history doesnt mean its good. You say nasty and cheap, I find it lovely and sexy and charming. im happy others find pleasure in it but i find it sad some grand classics are overseen 'due to price' and this by many held up as a well formed oriental, just because its affordable and there for accessible, and its just not, it smells cheap as what it is.i have respect for perfumes not the romantic marketing stories that come with products that become out of whack with what it really is.

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