Pros of dating a younger man

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Then again, I know that while I am in fantastic shape now, the law of gravity will catch up with me long before him. For every rule (date someone your own age), there's an exception (a May-December romance that's lasted for years).Yes, he could wake up one day, decide that being with an older man doesn't work for him and leave you.Are you sure that part of your questioning isn't related to a fear-related pre-emptive strike?For example, do you want to leave him before leaves you, since, of course, all older men get dumped?Your answer will come after you explore the depth of your feelings for your boyfriend and weigh the pros and cons of your life without him.It's hard, at any age, to find a partner who is, to borrow the words you used to describe him: sweet, thoughtful, committed, sexy, and compatible.

For example, Alex, 27, told me that there was "no way dating a guy more than 10 years older than me would work.ear Dave, I really hope you will respond to my dilemma!I am 42 and have been in a year-long relationship with my boyfriend, 26. When it comes to energy levels, sex, and overall compatibility, we connect very well.He is sweet, thoughtful, and seems to be very committed.But sometimes, we have little to talk about (beyond the latest CDs, trends, etc.) regarding the more worldly topics of today (the war, politics, the economy, business... Also, I am leaps and bounds ahead of him regarding finances and career.

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