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Steven Plunkett wrote that "The impact of the ninth-century Viking conquest of East Anglia was not superficial: in many ways it was cataclysmic." Later stories were to tell how Edmund was captured in battle, and was offered his life to share his kingdom and renounce his Christian faith.

The name Harwich itself could derive from Here Wic, or Army Port.The men of Kent promised to pay them off, but the Viking host went inland and attacked the eastern part of Kent anyway.By the end of the summer, more vikings were to arrive in England, this time led by royal princes determined to do more than hit and run.The Anglo Saxon Chronicle said that these Danes took winter quarters in East Anglia: "And the same year a great raiding army came to the land of the English and took winter quarters in East Anglia and were provided with horses there, and they made peace with them".According to Aethelweard writing 100 years later, the Danish leader was Igwar or Ivar, one of the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok.

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