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Claire egyedl gyengnek rzi magt, hogy megkzdjn a hadbrsg embertelen mkdsvel: megkeres egy tapasztalt, de rg visszavonult, lecsszott katonai jogszt (Morgan Freeman), hogy segtsen neki. De minl mlyebbre bonyoldnak a nyomozsba, annl ijesztbb s hihetetlenebb felfedezsekre jutnak.Ha mindazt, amit talltak, felhasznljk a per sorn, leginkbb nekik lesz szksgk vdelemre.Ha mindazt, amit talltak, felhasznljk a per sorn, leginkbb nekik lesz szksgk vdelemre. In 3028, after the Earth is destroyed by an invading alien race, a tiny number of surviving humans roam the universe in ragtag spaceships, trying to find each other and maintain some sense of community.Shortly before the final destruction of the planet, Cale (voice of Matt Damon) was given a map that would guide him to a space station called Titan, secretly constructed as a last hope in the event of alien Armageddon. was directed by noted animators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman and scripted by Ben Edlund, creator of the comic book series The Tick.Claire's biggest problem appears to be that she wants to have a baby, and she's having trouble getting pregnant.But when the police investigate a routine break-in at her home, they uncover the truth about her husband's identity, and her life is thrown into turmoil.Marvin quickly gains fame as a supercop, but he's also left with all of the embarrassing animal instincts and urges that accompany his new powers a serious threat to his blooming romance with new girlfriend Rianna (Colleen Haskell). Mc Ginley, Edward Asner, Norm Macdonald, and Cloris Leachman. EFX Group - Makeup Special Effects Robert Kurtzman - Makeup Supervisor / Makeup Special Effects Christopher Nelson - Makeup Supervisor / Makeup Special Effects Greg Nicotero - Makeup Special Effects / Makeup Supervisor Gregg Smrz - Second Unit Camera / Additional Photography Matthew megtallja lmai njt. One night, Matthew is taking an elevator downstairs at his dorm when someone dashes in just as the door is closing.  Luke Greenfield - Director Barry Bernardi - Producer Carr D'Angelo - Producer Todd Garner - Producer Tom Brady - Screen Story / Screenwriter / Co-producer Rob Schneider - Screenwriter Peter Lyons Collister - Cinematographer Teddy Castellucci - Composer (Music Score) Michael Dilbeck - Musical Direction/Supervision Jeff Gourson - Editor / Second Unit Camera / Additional Photography Peck Prior - Editor Alan Au - Production Designer Domenic Silvestri - Art Director Derek Dauchy - Co-producer Nathan T. Moments later, there's a power outage, and Matthew and his fellow passenger are stuck.

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Wilder (Michael Caton) uses various animal body parts to save his life, leaving the patient with the stamina and physical skills of the organ donors. Matthew (Jonathan Tucker) is a college freshman who has not been having much luck with the ladies since he started school.

Reimann - Associate Producer Jack Giarraputo - Executive Producer Adam Sandler - Executive Producer Erwin M. He soon discovers that he's stranded on the elevator with a woman, and they strike up a conversation; one thing leads to another, and they end up making love.

Cukurs - Set Designer Randy Mc Ilvain - Set Designer Gene Serdena - Set Designer / Set Decorator Jim Lapidus - Costume Designer Paula Fairfield - Sound/Sound Designer David Kelson - Sound/Sound Designer Elmo Weber - Sound/Sound Designer Manex Visual Effects - Special Effects / Visual Effects Bruce Franklin - First Assistant Director Elizabeth Boykewich - Casting Tracy Kaplan - Casting Roger Mussenden - Casting Roy Arbogast - Special Effects Supervisor Travis Baumann - Digital Effects / Special Effects Supervisor Steve Berens - Animal Trainer/Wrangler Howard Berger - Makeup Supervisor / Makeup Special Effects J. However, Matthew never gets her name or a good look at her face in the darkness, and the next morning, he awakes to discover the power is back on, and the young woman is gone.

The film was directed by Carl Franklin (One False Move), and co-stars Amanda Peet and Adam Scott  Carl Franklin - Director Jesse B'Franklin - Producer Arnon Milchan - Producer Janet Yang - Producer Cary Bickley - Screenwriter Joseph Finder - Book Author Yuri Zeltser - Screenwriter Theo Van de Sande - Cinematographer Graeme Revell - Composer (Music Score) Carole Kravetz-Aykanian - Editor Paul Peters - Production Designer Gary Kosko - Art Director Naomi Despres - Co-producer Dennis E.

Jones - Associate Producer Lisa Henson - Executive Producer Kevin Reidy - Executive Producer Josh Lusby - Set Designer Kathryn Peters - Set Designer Dean Wolcott - Set Designer Sharen Davis - Costume Designer Steve Nelson - Sound/Sound Designer Michele Panelli-Venetis - First Assistant Director Mario Roberts - Stunts Mali Finn - Casting Jerry Ross - Supervising Sound Editor Cast: Ashley Judd - Claire Kubic Morgan Freeman - Charles Grimes James Caviezel - Ron Chapman alias Tom Kubic Amanda Peet - Jackie Heller Tom Bower - Mullins Adam Scott - Embry Bruce Davison - Brig.

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