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If you start getting on his case (“Why didn’t you call? ”, etc.) he will feel trapped and suffocated and start pulling away.I have seen My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for 4 years this July. He sort-of, but not really asked me to marry him last year.I know that I cheated on him when we first got together, and I know my supposed friend told him that as a last stab last year to break us up. I get that I’ve come off super needy this last month trying to save our relationship. But everything points to him not loving me anymore. The way I’m so desperate to feel him love me again. Im not sure if that’s because they’re written by a man or what.And when I try to talk about it with him he says he “doesn’t know why” he’s acting this way and that there isn’t anyone else and that he “doesn’t want to talk about it”. Today, he went outside with the dog, and I went out there to be with both of them, and he immediately went inside, like I had done something awful by disturbing him out there with her. It’s pathetic and needy and I don’t remember being like this before. Behind our cool exteriors a lot of men stress just as much, about similar things.Now while you might start getting really excited by this prospect, this particular guy has probably gotten freaked out.At this point, he’s afraid that everything he said in the beginning has led you to believe that you guys are a couple and he starts acting in a way that shows you this is not the case.I also come from a highly respectable Indonesian famil y We’ve been in 10 months of long distance before he decided to come to visit me on July 16, my birthday.He never mentioned before that he’s taking his female PA with him even though he told me that after visiting me he’s going to go to Singapore for a medical conference. everything was beautiful until I got drunk and I felt that his female PA touched me.

My mom is being divorced by my step-dad because she’s too sick for him to take care of, and he doesn’t want to lose his farm to a nursing home.

He won’t meet with my family or help me through it. Wouldn’t help me get a car when mine broke down, just let me jump in the car with him while he drove himself to work.

When asked his opinion about cars, he said, “I don’t care.” Last year, right after the sort-of, but not really marriage proposal, he asked me for an open relationship.

This year, he bought me a dog after refusing to for years, but then treats me like he hates me.

He’s always talking to other girls (always has), never texts me by himself anymore, hardly touches me, barely looks at me, doesn’t talk to me, stays on his phone or the computer all the time when he’s around, goes to events or meets with “friends” after work, even if it’s at night.

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