Lundqvist dating

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Queen Silvia was the first Swedish queen to have had a professional career before becoming a royal.

But even settling down didn't fully win the people over.

(Though tell that to the persistent factions in the U.

K., Sweden and beyond who would gladly do away with monarchies tomorrow.)But Stockholm wasn't built in a day.

(Which is about the best possible resolution that story could've had.)The Swedish people who were used to the royal family's antics were shocked and morbidly fascinated by news of the king's even-wilder-than-they-realized ways, but ultimately they weren't devastated.

"If it would have been the [prime minister], he would be forced to resign the following day," Sjöberg told the .

And, fun fact, King Carl XVI is roughly 205th in line to the British throne, because it is a small, small royal world.)But the Swedes changed the law all the way back in 1980, making King Carl XVI's eldest daughter, Princess Victoria, Crown Princess Victoria—and, at 3 years old, first in line to the throne, newly ahead of her then 1-year-old brother, Prince Carl Philip.

King Carl XVI has four older sisters, none of whom had a shot at the crown due to traditional primogeniture—that centuries-old royal system that mandated sons would always be ahead of their sisters in line, while the son of a monarch's deceased brother would be next in line ahead of the next-youngest brother.

It wasn't until 2011 that the United Kingdom changed the law so that a possible firstborn daughter for Prince William and Kate Middleton would be next in line after her father.

"Expensive holidays on the French Riviera, travelling all over the globe, throwing ridiculously expensive parties, socializing with lots of women when his wife is not present.

The Swedish people seem to be very tolerant, and partly that's because they don't see him as a grown-up person."Meanwhile, three of the king's older sisters—Princess Margaretha, Princess Désirée and Princess Christine—lost their Royal Highness designation when they married commoners.

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