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Laid up in bed for three months with a broken hip, 13-year-old George Fellowes was determined not to bow to his misfortune.Instead the middle-class Edwardian teenager set to work on a mammoth letter-writing campaign to the great and the good of turn-of-the century Britain.At the end of the survey, the participants were given a chance to keep the money, or to donate all or a portion of the money to a registered charity."Again, those individuals who were actually willing to donate had reported more sexual behaviour, more casual sex partners, and for men, more lifetime partners," Arnocky said."There's very good theoretical reasons as to why we might predict people will want a generous partner, as opposed to someone who's kind of stingy, and maybe kind of a jerk," Barclay said."So there's good reason for that, even though it contradicts, you know, the popular wisdom that nice guys finish last," he said.

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Then last week it was the ladies of Princeton, who, perhaps in an attempt to interfere with sales of “Princeton Mom” Susan Patton’s prospective advice book, are flocking in droves to join the infamous Tiger Inn, the “frattiest and hardest-drinking of Princeeton-University’s 11 eating clubs,” according to this piece in the by Princeton student Caroline Kitchener.

Starting each letter with an apology for his handwriting - blaming his injury for his poor penmanship - master Fellowes always ended by asking for an autograph.

The delighted schoolboy, from Derby, would wait impatiently in his bed each morning as his amazed nurses brought him the latest replies from the likes of cricketer WG Grace, Scout movement founder Robert Baden-Powell and even Australian Prime Minister Edward Barton.

The youngster, whose middle-class education had given him a winning turn of phrase, wrote: 'I hope, sir, you will not think of me as a rude boy.'Please excuse my bad writing, as I am in bed, having hurt my hip.

I hope you will favour me with your autograph, if it is not too much to ask of you.' Hero: A much-treasured reply from the heroic explorer Captain Scott and his navigator Albert Armitage Some of the most famous people of the day offered wise words with their best wishes - including the great Victorian artist William Powell Frith.

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