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National Archives at Anchorage Contact archival operations, 907-261-7809. National Archives at Atlanta Contact archival operations, 770-968-2100 No report this quarter. Mint (Record Group 104) Denver, Colorado: Correspondence and memorandums relating to commemorative events, 1980–94.

National Archives at Boston Contact archival operations, 781-663-0121 or 866-406-2379. National Archives at Chicago Contact archival operations, 773-948-9000. National Archives at Denver Contact archival operations, 303-407-5740. National Archives at Fort Worth Contact archival operations, 817-551-2051. National Archives at Kansas City Contact archival operations, 816-268-8000. National Archives at New York Contact archival operations, 212-401-1620 or 866-840-1752. National Archives at Philadelphia Contact archival operations, 215-305-2044. National Archives at Riverside Contact archival operations, 951-956-2000 No report this quarter. Louis Contact archival operations, 314-801-0909 No report this quarter. District Courts (Record Group 21) District of Oregon, Eugene: Multi-District Civil Cases (32.31 cubic feet).

Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel (Record Group 24) Alcohol and Drug Management Information Tracking System (ADMITS) Files, FY 2005 (16,081,664 logical data records) and Navy Inactive Manpower and Personnel Management Information System (IMAPMIS), FY 2008–2010: Inactive Officer and Enlisted Master Files (IEMF) (2,229,735 logical data records). Contact the Reference Staff, Archival Electronic Records Operations, at 301-837-0470, or email [email protected] Coast Guard (Record Group 26) Berg Analysis Protection System (BAPS) Files, 2007–2009 (26,948 logical data records) and Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement (MISLE) Files, 2002–2006 (14,803,290 logical data records). Contact the Reference Staff, Archival Electronic Records Operations, at 301-837-0470, or email [email protected] Field Office: Grazing Operator Case Files, 1940–73; Mixed Series (includes Press Releases), 1976–77 (3.231 cubic feet).Records of the Public Buildings Service (Record Group 121) General Services Administration: Real Estate Acquisition Division, Northwest/Arctic Region 10: Original and As Built Drawings, Project Specifications, Change Orders, and Visual Documentation in Nome, AK and Seattle, WA (Records for Historic Preservation). Presidential candidate; and 37 pages from Spurgeon Neel, U. Army Office of the Surgeon General, 1954––68, Deputy Surgeon General of the U. Army, 1969–73; 157 pages, comprising four interview transcripts, from Jake Jacobsen, lawyer, staff member of Price Daniel, State Attorney General of Texas, U. Senator, Governor of Texas, and Special Counsel to the President, 1965–67; 36 pages from oral history interview III with Lucius D.Records of the Bonneville Power Administration (Record Group 305) Eastern District of Washington: Adversary Proceedings, 1979–86 (26.925 cubic feet). Battle, Executive Secretary, State Department, 1960–62, Assistant Secretary of State for Education and Culture, 1962–64, U. Ambassador to the United Arab Republic (Egypt), 1964–67, Assistant Secretary of State for the Near East and North Africa, 1967–68.District of Orego: Bankruptcy Case File, Portland Electric Company, 1939–78 (6.462 cubic feet). Total library oral history transcript accessions during the quarter are 305 pages of material.

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