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Umfangreiche Wartungsarbeiten, die länger als zwei Stunden dauern, werden nicht während des Wartungsfensters durchgeführt.

Diese Maßnahmen werden wie bisher vorab zeitlich mit dem betroffenen Fachreferat abgestimmt.

See the printable lesson plan and list of Pirate and Surfer vocab here!

Christian Pentecost marks the official end of the 50 days of the Easter Season (hence “Pente”).

Those two loaves were “waved before the LORD” in the act of thanksgiving (Leviticus -20 NIV).

Selected animals, such as lambs, bulls and rams, were also sacrificed in the Pentecost ritual.

The kids work on defining what the Gospel is and means, and then translate it into a new language just like the Holy Spirit did on Pentecost.

For use with either Let’s Talk software or Kid Pix 4 software –both of which use the computer’s ability to speak aloud whatever the kids type.

the Holy Spirit planting the church, beginning with the Resurrection, and celebrating the “first fruits” of the Resurrection at Pentecost.It celebrates the Acts 2 outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Disciples and into the world.Informally it is known as the “Birthday of the Christian Church.” See my ‘church birthday celebration ideas’ below. Jewish Pentecost (“Shavuot”) is known by several titles: Feast of Wheat, Feast of Weeks, or Fruits of the First Harvest.Planting something at Pentecost is a great lesson idea.Pentecost featured “two loaves of bread baked with yeast,” made from the first fruit of the Spring wheat harvest which was supposed to conclude 50 days after Passover.

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