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link which worked until 02/21/07 redirects you to tells you, "Thank you for your interest in obtaining updates from our site.

The problem is server side not with your PC and the Microsoft's Windows Update team originally denied any responsibility for the problem however the light has started to come on and they have now changed their stance to "we are investigating".Since Win Me like all Win 9x operating systems is out of support don't expect those concerned at Microsoft to expend much effort or be in a rush to get this problem fixed.-- Mike Maltby Unquote...Zee Guys, pause your task scheduler, paste the: on your browser line and see if that works.When this pearl of wisdom is being dispensed it’s often when a woman is complaining that the guy she met maybe a handful of times isn’t re-arranging his life for her.He’s telling you he doesn’t check his phone so that you won’t text him and then get pissed off or needy when he doesn’t reply right away to set up another date.

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