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“In addition, the training itself has plugged me into a community of usability experts.I speak with experts on the forums, and receive emails from HFI with relevant news.This is supposed to give you time to get back to the real you.

Now, I can say in 10 words what I used to say in 100.

Each and every day of my work life makes me realize the ‘value’ added to my professional abilities and I am sure that the new courses will continue to enrich us in the world of usability.

I thank HFI for opening the new horizon; I really keep asking myself why I didn’t think of it earlier than I did.” “Before I earned my CUA, I was already top ranked here.

“After becoming an HFI-certified CUA, I have seen my approach towards design change a lot.

I am able to take usability to the next level in my career only because of the education and guidance provided during the training.

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